Taylor & Patchen Files Amicus Brief in Support of Challenge to Religious Exemption Rule

Jonathan Patchen, a founder and partner at Taylor & Patchen, LLP, along with attorneys from the firm of Kaplan, Heckler and Fink, LLP, filed an Amicus Curiae brief in support of Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment in State of California, et al. v. Health and Human Services, et al.

In this matter, Plaintiffs challenge the Religious Exemption Rule, which grants a categorical exemption to for-profit and non-profit corporations that object on religious grounds to paying for insurance that includes contraceptive coverage, on statutory and constitutional grounds. The Court previously concluded that there are “serious questions going to the merits” of whether the Religious Exemption is permissible. Amici submitted this brief to explain why the Religious Exemption Rule does, in fact, violate the Establishment Clause. That is an independent basis on which to grant summary judgment.

A copy of the Amicus Curiae brief in support of Plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment can be found here.

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