About Taylor & Patchen

Who We Are

Taylor & Patchen, LLP, formerly Taylor & Company Law Offices, LLP, has been a significant presence in the San Francisco legal community for over 25 years. We have built a team of professionals with exceptional legal experience and skills. Because we strongly believe that a law firm is more than just its lawyers, the firm’s career paralegals and support staff are chosen with care and are experienced and dedicated to their craft. We have broad experience in all phases of the litigation and arbitration process, from pre-filing negotiations, to discovery and motion practice, trials, and appeals. We also have broad experience driving informal resolutions in negotiation and mediation, where our clients have experienced some of their biggest “wins.”

We understand that success requires both rigorous attention to fundamentals and thinking creatively. We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach—within the office, with clients, and even with other law firms as needed. We also concentrate early on getting as complete an understanding as possible of our clients’ individual needs and goals, so that we can advocate effectively for them and ensure the resolution that best serves their interests.

How We Work

Our style of work is defined by creativity and collaboration.

Although Taylor & Patchen’s attorneys have years of experience and hundreds of successful results to their credit, we never treat a new matter as simply routine. We understand each client’s case is unique and that even situations similar to past matters demand fresh thinking—not least because every matter could be life-changing for our client.

The key to our approach is to find, as quickly and inexpensively as possible, the critical legal, business, and human determinants of a successful outcome and from them to craft a winning strategy. In some cases, full-bore litigation is the only sensible approach. Though we have successfully litigated many cases to judgment, we have found that a “frontloaded” approach often achieves better results, while saving time and money for the client. In such cases, we do intense early legal and factual analysis, study the opposition, learn our client’s personal and business goals, and then craft a plan to get a winning result on the fastest possible timetable. Sometimes that requires litigation, but it could also mean an early mediation, use of the media, back-channel approaches to key decision-makers—whatever tool fits. Whether the optimal strategy involves litigation to judgment or an innovative multi-party mediation, Taylor & Patchen brings the same preparation, creativity, and intensity to the process.

Our approach is founded on close collaboration, both with the client and among the professionals at the firm. Collaboration with the client is critical to ensure that the strategy chosen is closely tailored to the client’s interests and goals. Within the firm, collaboration means that all our lawyers and staff play important substantive roles in achieving the best outcome. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that all our advice and work product reflects our firm's deepest strengths and is produced with maximum cost-effectiveness.

We invite you to learn more about our firm through this Daily Journal profile, our practice areas and our team.