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Annie Xu

Phone: 415.788.8200
Fax: 415.788.8028

Annie is a Litigation Research Analyst at Taylor & Patchen. She received a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, where she assisted faculty with research into complex geopolitical issues and sociological phenomena. Despite graduating two years early, Annie was able to pursue independent research into issues of representation for marginalized communities, which she has presented in colloquia at Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Annie has a long history of civil rights activism, supporting Hispanic, Black, and Asian American empowerment. Before she joined Taylor & Patchen, Annie consulted on improving life-course outcomes for boys and men of color at Forward Change. She has also spent time in the UK, helping to organize an exhibit dedicated to British Indian artist Lancelot Ribeiro. In her spare time, Annie enjoys livestreaming, sampling chocolates, and struggling to understand modern art.